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CBS MBA Interview Questions & Report: Early Decision / Second-Year Student / Virtual

Roughly 45-minute virtual interview with a current student (Hermes Society Member). Ended up lasting an hour as I hit it off with my interviewer and we spent extra time chatting about NYC, student clubs, ect.

Atmosphere was relaxed and conversational. My interviewer was friendly and I could sense her passion for Columbia. I found it to be fairly straightforward as long as you are well prepared and have your story nailed down. This was definitely not a ‘grilling’ type of interview. It was clear that she was really looking to make sure I was a good fit for Columbia and was able to clearly articulate my career goals as well as my motivations for attending CBS.

After some brief small talk / breaking the ice, the questions were as follows, in roughly this order:
– “Tell me about yourself “(resume walkthrough)
– “Why MBA?” and “what are your ST and LT career goals?”
– “Why CBS?” (basically just needed to articulate why CBS was my top school)
– “What is your standout professional achievement?”
– “How do you incorporate diversity and diverse perspectives into a team setting?” (this was the only slight curveball question)
– And finally …”Any questions for me?”

I ended up receiving my acceptance a few days later! Overall it was a positive experience, especially given I was able to do it from the comfort of home!

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