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HBS MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Zoom

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Interview went very smoothly, the interviewer set a welcoming and warm atmosphere which made me feel much more comfortable. I also loved that almost all questions were straightforward about specific things from my application, so I basically knew how to answer them.

Questions/talking points

-Specific thing about my essay, family background and how it relates to my background and goals

-Why did I go to my first job at a Big 4 and how it related to my goals

-How did I handle the fact that my college education hadn’t provided me with the basics to work with audit, valuation

-How my participation at an Innovation and Entrepreneurship program connect to me transitioning careers to a startup

-What do you do now (had just changed jobs after sending application), what does the company do, can you give more detail on what X means?

-Can you explain more about the problems the industry faces

-Question about my volunteer experiences during college, if I had done anything since. How do I choose the institutions I work with or donate to

-What about other industries, if you were not in industry Y where would you be? what if during the mba you do an internship, where would that be?

-Anything you wanted me to have asked you? follow up questions


I don’t exactly remember all questions but this is how much I can remember and hope it helps you.

Admitted 🙂

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