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Duke Fuqua Interview Questions & Report: Round 1/ Alum / Zoom

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The interview was a virtual Zoom meeting. I had an interview with an alum from the program. The interview was based on my resume and it was a list of questions then a casual conversation.

1) Can you please go over your resume with us?
2) Why MBA?
3) What do you hope to get from an MBA?
4) How do you think Duke will help you with your career?
5) What is your backup plan if your plans do not come to fruition?
5) What other schools are you applying to?
6) Tell me about a difficult person you worked with and how you responded.
7) Tell us about a time about how a group morale was down, and how did you respond?
7) Duke values diversity and equity, how will you contribute to our community?
8) What is something not in your application?
9) Any questions for us?

I thought the interview was basic and that there were no surprises. They’re willing to listen to your stories and see if you’re a fit. I was surprised that they didn’t ask anything unusual or try to get me flustered. I don’t think my interviewer had any information about me other than maybe my resume. The questions are all questions other schools ask as well. I think that they want to see if you’re a fit and that the interviewer isn’t there to mark you down unless you don’t prepare. If you get an interview just be ready to tell your story. Good luck!

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