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International Kelley MBA Students Find Community of Friends and Future Colleagues

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The Kelley School of Business’ diverse student body is part of what makes Kelley such an exceptional place to network, develop, and grow as a leader in the business world. Ranked #23 according to US News and World Report’s best business schools list, Kelley’s reputation speaks for itself. Students come from all over the world to pursue an education here. Forty-two percent of the Class of 2023 comes from countries outside of the United States.

Santiago Gamboa Peralta is pursuing an MBA with a double major in business analytics and management. Originally from Colombia, Santiago moved to the US last August. “Coming to this country meant a start from scratch, but also a future filled with potential and opportunities,” he said. “The collaborative environment is felt as soon as you step on campus. The program offers two unique features: the Me, Inc. program, a unique leadership program focusing on self-knowledge, which allows you to start the program on the right foot by aligning personal and professional goals; and the Plus Life Sciences program, which aligns with my objective of pursuing a career in the healthcare industry.”

Like many MBA students, Santiago has found a community of friends and future colleagues within Kelley’s many clubs. He said, “Throughout my MBA experience, I have attended events from most clubs. The three categories of clubs that we have access to are professional, affinity, and interest. Each of these categories brings something unique and relevant to the MBA experience. Regarding professional clubs, I’ve been most involved with the Consulting and Healthcare Clubs, as they have organized the events most related to my future career goals. As for affinity clubs, I have been mainly involved with the Latino MBA Association and the LGBT club, Out@Kelley, in which I currently hold leadership positions.”

Even during 2020, Santiago was able to thrive in his new home. “Throughout this pandemic experience, we have been able to get to know each other at levels that seemed impossible when we first started the program. The relationships and friendships I have built with classmates, faculty, and staff will accompany me throughout my life,” he said.

Kelley’s welcoming environment is built to foster professional development, inclusion, and strong communities. No matter where students come from, they will find a home at Kelley.