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HBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Adcom / Zoom

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I was interviewed by two people, one interviewer and one scribe. The scribe was a member of the admissions committee and the interviewer was a director at HBS. The scribe only spoke at the start and end of the interview to say hello and goodbye. The questions were very specific and resume based. There were no really general questions, it was almost as if I was talking about my job with someone who works in the same industry. They asked a lot of very specific questions about my job and experiences. I had multiple positions before I applied and I was expecting to talk mostly about my most recent job, but she focused her questions on the job I had before my current one which surprised me. She also asked me a lot about my post-MBA goals and when I had mentioned a large tech company she mentioned a big recent controversy with that company and what my thoughts were on that. I’d say its really hard to bullsh*t this sort of interview. I’d say make sure you can talk at length and elaborate on every single detail mentioned in your application, even if its really small. Honestly, I loved the experience since it felt like I was talking to a new coworker rather than an awkward interview set up.

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