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Real Humans of MBA Students: The Wharton School MBA Class of 2023

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MBA students from The Wharton School join us for another edition of Real Humans: MBA Students to share their insights into admissions, the program and more.

897 enrolled in the Wharton MBA Class of 2023. Fifty-two percent are women and 36 percent are international, representing 83 countries. Thirty-seven percent of the class identifies as U.S. minorities, which includes students of African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic American, Native American and multiethnic backgrounds.

During their undergraduate years, the largest portion of the class, 39 percent, majored in the humanities, while another 33 percent had a STEM background. Business constituted 27 percent of the class’s undergrad majors. Of those graded on a 4.0 scale, the average GPA was 3.6.

Pre-MBA, enrolled students earned an average of five years of work experience. In terms of industry experience, 23 percent of students had backgrounds in consulting, followed by financial services and private equity/venture capital each at 14 percent. Technology and non-profit/government were next at 10 percent each. Investment banking and investment management claimed five percent total and another four percent of students split evenly across the healthcare and CPG/retail industries. The Wharton MBA Class of 2023’s average GMAT score was 733 and their average GRE scores were 162 in each section.

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Lauren Wakal
Lauren Wakal has been covering the MBA admissions space for more than a decade, from in-depth business school profiles to weekly breaking news and more.