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HBS Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / Zoom

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Describe the visit and/or interview atmosphere.
The questions were very specific and in-depth. They really combed through my entire application. Despite the specificity of the questions, it seems like they had a genuine interest in getting to know me. It did not feel like they were trying to catch me off guard or grill me.

What type of interview (alum vs. adcom, résumé-based vs. application-based) was it?
Adcom, application-based. They had a massive list of personalized questions for me.

What questions were you asked?

  • On strategy project X, what were the segment prioritizations and how did you come up with them?
  • Explain your business/industry.
  • What’s the role of technology in your industry over the coming years?

What did you think of the interview?
I thought it was very well done. It’s impossible to prepare for all of the questions and it seems like that was the point. They want to see you thinking on your feet as opposed to reciting answers. The questions make you present your authentic self.

What surprised you? What didn’t surprise you?
I thought I was going to get grilled, but the environment was very friendly. They just wanted to get to know me.
I was not surprised by the depth and specificity of the questions.

What might you conclude about the school based on this experience?
Personality really matters. They don’t want rehearsed robots.

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