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INSEAD Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

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INSEAD R1/ 2 interviews, both with Alumni

Location: Virtual and in-person

Type of interview: both Alumni, mix of application-based and resume-based

Questions asked:
Why MBA and Why INSEAD?
Tell me a time you worked with someone from a different background/culture from you.
Strengths and weaknesses?
Tell me a time you failed.
How will you plan your time at INSEAD given it’s an intense program?
Tell me a time you lead a team and how did it work out ?

Both interviews were friendly and informal, relaxed atmosphere. Interviewers were very willing and happy to share their experiences, in school and their career journey. One was a more recent grad, whilst the other graduated some time back. They also gave invaluable advice that I thought was really insightful and actionable.

Overall, INSEAD really puts in effort to ensure the experience is a smooth one for both interviewers and applicants. I had a couple of rescheduled interviews due to interviewers having other commitments, INSEAD was proactive on that front and communicative.

Admissions decision is currently not available yet, but overall I am satisfied with the interview process. My advice to future interviewees would be to be yourself, be authentic, understand your story and how INSEAD can help you to achieve your goals and also think about how you can contribute to the INSEAD community if you are admitted.

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