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LBS 2021 MBA Employment Report: “Demand for Talent Transcends Borders”

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The 2021 MBA Employment Report from London Business School demonstrates that international demand for LBS graduates remains strong despite challenges that span borders and industries.

“The last year has been one of the toughest on record for business school graduates and we are proud that, despite these challenges, our students shone across the board,” wrote Zoe McLoughlin, the head of the LBS Career Centre, in the school’s report. “I am confident that, having dealt with so much uncertainty over the last 12 months and overcoming every challenge with such collaborative spirit, this group of students are more than prepared to kick-start their professional careers.”

Within three months of graduation, 93% of the class had received an offer of employment, and 92% had accepted one. More than 6%—32 MBA graduates—started their own business or became self-employed after receiving their degrees.

The mean salary for the class in US dollars is $114,526, and 86% of students who accepted an offer reported receiving other compensation, including sign-on and end-of-year bonuses.

Where LBS Grads are Landing on the World Stage

LBS MBA Employment Report:
Top 5 Industries

Consulting 38%
Financial Services 26%
Technology 26%
Consumer and Retail 3%
Industrials 3%

The consulting industry is historically the number one sector for LBS graduates, and this year 38% of the MBA graduates started consulting careers. Financial services jobs were up 5% over last year to 26% and tied with the tech industry. Consumer and retail jobs lured 3% and so did industrials (aerospace and defense, industrial machinery, tools, lumber production, construction, waste management, manufactured housing, and cement and metal fabrication).

LBS MBA Employment Report:
International Placement

UK 52%
Asia 13%
Europe 10%
Latin America 9%
North America 9%
Africa & Middle East 5%
Oceana 2%

LBS is a decidedly international institution, with 92% of the class coming from outside the UK. After graduation, 52% remained in the UK to begin their careers. The next most significant portion of the class, 13%, went to Asia, and 10% to Europe. North America reported the highest average salary at $152,179 and was the job destination for 9% of the class, as was Latin America. Africa and the Middle East reported the second-highest average salary at $136,907, where 5% went to work. Just 2% went to Oceana.

The school provided data on students who used their time in the MBA program to change careers: 53% moved to a new location upon graduation, and 50% switched their sector. Nearly a third of the class, 31%, changed both their location and job sector when they graduated.

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