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Real Humans of Toronto Rotman’s MBA Class of 2024

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We head to Canada to meet some new members of the University of Toronto Rotman School of Management’s MBA Class of 2024 in this edition of Real Humans: MBA Students.

275 students matriculated at Rotman in the fall of 2022. Women comprise 45 percent of the class and 65 percent are international. Nine percent identify as Black or indigenous.

During their undergraduate years, Toronto Rotman MBAs averaged a GPA of 3.6. The most common undergraduate degree was in business/commerce at 31 percent. A quarter hold degrees in engineering and 11 percent had studied economics. Ten percent majored in social sciences and eight percent in life sciences. Seven percent had studied applied sciences and 3 percent humanities.

Before arriving to campus, Toronto Rotman MBAs accumulated an average of four years’ professional experience. Twenty-three percent of the class comes from a financial services background, 14 percent from consulting, and 12 percent from the tech industry. Health/pharma/biotech workers make up seven percent of the class as do students from energy/utilities roles. When it came time to take the GMAT, the class averaged a score of 674.

Get to know some students behind the stats in the following pages.

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