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LBS MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumna / Zoom

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Final Decision: Admitted with Merit Scholarship

It was a very predictable and structured interview and started with the alumna introducing herself and explaining the structure of the interview and about the Case Study, which would be taken up a little later.
1. We started with, Walk me through your resume.
2. Why MBA?
3. Best thing about your current job?
4. Most impactful international trip and why? This is where it became more informal and I could see building a rapport with the interviewer.
5. Post-MBA Goal?
6. Where would you want to work after MBA?
7. Which other schools did you apply to? (I mentioned Columbia and Booth)
8. Why LBS?
9. Why London- given the post MBA Goal- where would industry be better?
10. Specific questions about my industry in relation to United Kingdom (A lot of information was shared to clarify my interest in LBS)- This is where she later mentioned to me that it was evident I had done my research and she could see my passion for LBS.
11. Then we did the case study where she clarified about keeping it under 5 minutes, be clear and concise- the prompt was read aloud by her- not shared on screen- I delivered it in 4 minutes and mentioned that I hope I performed as she expected.
12. If I did not get a scholarship, would that be a reason I do not go ahead with MBA?

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