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INSEAD Jobs Report: Classes of MBA ’21D & ’22J Find Success

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INSEAD recently published their MBA jobs report for the classes graduating in December of 2021 and January 2022, with 94 percent reporting receiving at least one offer within three months of graduation.

Ninety-nine percent of the 1,094 graduates across the two classes responded to the employment survey, with 87 percent reporting their career decisions and 86 percent providing salary information. The overall annual mean salary landed at $113,700 and the overall annual median salary at $110,100. The median sign-on bonus came in at $26,900.

Industry Choices

INSEAD breaks down industry choice according to new hires and those returning to their pre-MBA employers. Management consulting was the most popular industry choice, as it took in 53 percent of graduates. Forty percent were new hires while 13 percent returned to their former companies. Financial services saw 12 percent of the two INSEAD classes, with an additional one percent returning. One percent also returned to their tech/media/telecom firms while the industry also took in 21 percent new hires. Eleven percent of the class joined the corporate sector while two percent rejoined their past employers.

INSEAD MBA Jobs Report:

Management Consulting 53%
Technology 22%
Financial Services 12%
Corporate Sector 13%

Regional Placement

808 graduates reported their regional placement. Of those, nearly 38 percent settled in Western Europe. Nearly 24 percent headed to the Asia Pacific region. Another nearly 12 percent chose to work in Africa/the Middle East. Nine percent headed to Southern Europe and roughly eight percent settled in North America. The remainder chose to work in the likes of South America and other areas of Europe.

INSEAD MBA Jobs Report:
Regional Placement

Western Europe 38%
Asia Pacific 24%
Africa/Middle East 12%
Southern Europe 9%
North America 8%
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