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From Tuck to Wall Street: Meet 3 Recent Tuck MBAs in New York’s Finance Scene

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Barbara Demidchuk, Tuck MBA Class of 2022

Age: 28
Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico
Undergraduate Institution and Major: Tecnologico de Monterrey, BS in Industrial Engineering with minor in Systems Engineering
Pre-MBA Work Experience (role, company, years): Founder at Uno Punto Cinco – 1 year; Business Consultant at Galera – 3 years

Post-MBA Role: Investment Banking Associate at Citi

Why did you pursue an MBA? 
I pursued an MBA because I wanted to develop a versatile skill set to grow as a professional through a unique and immersive learning experience. I was also excited about the opportunity of doing so in a very competitive and challenging environment like a top business school in the U.S.

Why did you choose Dartmouth Tuck for your MBA? What factors figured most prominently into your decision?
I chose Tuck for three main reasons. First of all, I applied to business school with my husband David, and we had heard amazing things from Tuck alums and their partners about their Tuck experience and the very welcoming culture. Tuck is an absolutely amazing place to pursue an MBA with your significant other. We enjoyed every second of being partners and classmates. 

Second, I wanted to be part of a small and unique community. At Tuck, you are always surrounded by your classmates, and this gives you the opportunity to develop very strong bonds and have a very immersive learning experience. 

Lastly, I really liked the idea of a core program. I believe that this is a great way of developing a strong business management framework and then have the opportunity to add your interests and goals on top of that. 

Why have you pursued a career in finance?
I pursued a career in finance because I’m passionate about sustainability and impact, and I wanted to find a career that would allow me to enable the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable future. Reaching net zero by 2050 and making sure that happens in a sustainable and just way will require a large reallocation of capital and the development of innovative solutions. I wanted to be involved in these major shifts by enabling companies to both grow and adapt their business models through diverse financing solutions and strategies.

Let’s talk about living in New York after Tuck. What was that experience like? 
New York is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I was looking forward to moving to the city after Tuck. Living in New Hampshire was amazing, but I enjoy the city more, so I was sad to leave Hanover but excited to embark on a new chapter. Most of my Tuck friends moved to New York, too, so it was like bringing a piece of Tuck to the city with me, and that was very helpful to adapt. I really like how energizing New York is, and I enjoy everything about living here.

Did you have the time and space to immerse yourself in the MBA experience and focus on your education before heading to the big city? Is there value in doing that?
Yes. Given we were not able to travel a lot due to the pandemic, I focused a lot on my classes, and I spent most of my two years in Hanover, including my summer, given I was working remotely.  I enjoy being a student and I made the most of my classes. I didn’t have a background in finance, but I was able to learn enough to secure a job in investment banking. I was also very involved in multiple extracurricular activities related to finance and sustainability. I can say my days at Tuck felt like a working day because I always had something to do. 

What advice do you have for other prospective MBAs considering MBA programs and entering the finance space?
I would say think a lot about what you are passionate about; you can actually find a job that is a great professional opportunity and is also aligned with your passions. You will spend a lot of time working, so you might as well try to find something that you are very interested in and care about. 

I would also recommend paying a lot of attention to your classes and learning from your professors. An MBA is an amazing opportunity to learn from very prepared and smart professionals in the field. 

Finally, I recommend following your gut and finding a space that will allow you to shine. If you don’t feel very comfortable with finance from the beginning, there might be other opportunities that can be better for you and that is ok. 

Anything else you’d like to add?
You will not regret doing an MBA. If you are excited about the idea, work hard and make it happen.

Christina Griffith
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