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HBS MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 2 / Adcom / On-Campus

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I interviewed on campus in February 2024. The interview was with one member of the adcom, and there was no observer in my room.

My interviewer knew my application really well. She had a printed list of personalized questions prepared in advance. They touched on all parts of my resume and application — including something I found out later that one of my references had mentioned. I would recommend asking your references what examples they used so you’re not caught off guard.

Selection of questions:
– How did you find the class visit today?
– Tell me about your decision to study business for undergrad.
– Why did you take a job at [MBB firm]?
– Why did you want to go into consulting?
– Tell me about [student organization] you led.
– Tell me about these two awards you received – how were you selected?
– What do you want to do after MBA? (I answered social entrepreneurship)
– Follow-up: what would your social enterprise do?
– Follow-up: how would you get funding?
– Follow-up: why not go join [established NPO in similar field] instead?
– Tell me about the Edge Computing market. (This industry was only mentioned in one of my recommendation letters.)
– I saw you went to [large conference]: what were some of your reflections coming out of it?
– Anything else you want to discuss that we didn’t cover?

I was expecting rapid-fire questions, but I didn’t expect how nervous they would make me, especially in person. I came out of the interview not super confident. I am awaiting a decision.

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