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INSEAD MBA Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / Alumni / Virtual

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INSEAD interviews – one on the 26th and one on the 27th

The adcom sends you two alumni in your area with similar backgrounds or interests to you, and you set up your own interviews; the only real requirement is that you have to schedule them before a certain date (indicated to you by admissions) so I would suggest reaching out to your interviewers ASAP to make sure you have a scheduling buffer.

The interviews were both super friendly virtual interviews. Due to scheduling, I set up virtual ones, but you can choose to meet in person if you want. I set up Google Meets for both of them.

I was surprised by how pleasant and helpful they both were! It was honestly really conversational; they were truly just trying to get a sense of my story. They had my application file ahead of time, so they poked around asking clarifying questions, but not with the intent of tearing apart my story, just out of pure curiosity!

I can’t remember all the questions because it was so conversational, but they hit on all the normal questions – why INSEAD, why MBA, why an MBA now? They asked about international experiences and they asked about teamwork, which stood out to me.

I actually really loved having two interviews. My perspective is that it gives you additional buffer in case you get stressed about interviews, and also I got to speak to them both at length about the school itself and I learned a lot which I appreciated. All in all it was one of the better interview experiences.

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