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Fridays From The Frontline

Welcome to Fridays From the Frontline. We hope this Friday finds you well and that everyone enjoyed their July 4th! In this week’s post, we peruse all the news in the b-school blogosphere from applicants and current students.

Hamm0 opened the newly posted Stanford application and was a bit discouraged to find it full of short, personal questions like “Your favorite thing to read?” Timbob posted his responses to questions about what it’s like to be a Brit applying to MBA programs in the U.S.–his main concern? Brits can’t sell their strengths as well as Americans. He also relayed a amusing anecdote about taking the adversity he faced changing a tire in the middle of traffic and putting that adversity into one of his Stanford essays. MBAgirljourney narrows down her top five MBA programs and the East Coast schools win the day.

Anderson ’15 Jessica attends the Consortium Orientation Program in New Orleans and problem-solves some of the remaining injustices and challenges faced by underrepresented minorities in MBA programs. Johnson ’15 Richard encourages those discouraged by the GMAT by reminding them that no one is alone, and yet, everyone feels alone. In another post, he comments on a recent Business Week article that looked at consequences for MBA students or companies that renege on internship commitments; he says the business world is smaller than you think and what goes around comes around. Anderson ’15 Buzz enthusiastically introduced himself to classmates while Anderson ’15 Dwight updated readers with new pictures of his summer internship with a start-up in Palo Alto.

Finally, LBS ’13 James realizes that hindsight is 20/20 and explains that even the slightest differences between MBA programs are worth considering when you look at the time-frame of two years as a student and a lifetime as an alumnus.

And that’s all for this edition of Fridays From The Frontline. New applicants will be upping their blogging and their essay writing as Round 1 application deadlines draw closer. Current students are hard at work in internships across the world and will be offering stories and updates of their experiences as summer hits the halfway mark. Until next week, have a wonderful weekend.

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