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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From The Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly blog post that follows the lives of b-school applicant and student bloggers. This week a lot of first year students logged in to report on their initial weeks on campus while applicants continued to make inroads with their applications.   

HammO started planning his visits to campus and shared his tips on how to make a good impressionMBAJourneyGirl created a checklist to make sure she stayed on track in terms of her applications and their subsequent expensesTimBob secured his second recommender but felt his energy levels sag. Pandey encouraged other applicants to ask for help when it comes to their applications.

With only a week left before flying to L.A.  Anderson ’15 Alena said goodbye to many of her favorite spots in MoscowBooth ’15 Pru grew impatient with having to wait to actually get to Chicago, but gladly saw that the days were dwindling. HBS ’15 TwoYears took a quick vacation after the pre-MBA program and returned to a campus transformed by the presence of freshmen. Anderson ’15 Devon explained that his blog silence was due to his commitment to teaching a creative writing class at a summer camp for kids affected by HIV/AIDS and recounted some of the meaningful interactions he had while there. McCombs ’15 Eric described some of his fears about joining a b-school community after years in the army, which were exacerbated by the news that he and his wife will soon be adding a new member to their family. INSEAD ’15 Ulhas also shared some initial fears he had before arriving on campus, and how those fears have turned into excitement about the months ahead.

Kenan Flagler ’14 Imran passed down some important lessons to incoming first year students. Tepper ’14 Ccatcher adjusted to being back in Pittsburgh and enjoyed a few last opportunities to sleep in before the school year begins in earnest.

And that’s a wrap for this edition of Fridays From The Frontline. We hope that new and returning students find their transitions to campus life continue to go smoothly, and that applicant bloggers’ find themselves on track as their summer days dwindle. Until next week, have a wonderful weekend!

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