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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From The Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly wander through the hallowed digital halls of the b-school blogosphere. This week applicants continued to track their R1 application progress while students experienced a range of experiences and shared some advice to those who may one day follow them. 

Ellie compared her intended b-school application schedule to what has actually transpired thus far. MBAMyWay planned to apply to seven schools and explained whyDomotron submitted his Wharton essay and praised Clear Admit’s compilation of interview questions. ExpectingMBAMILF recounted what she did and did not tell her extended family about her MBA aspirations and relocationMBAGirlJourney submitted her Wharton application well in advance of its deadline and began to think about interview preparationSanket reported his experience taking part in a Stanford webinar information sessionPpandey turned his attentions to different strategies one can employ when transitioning into consulting.

INSEAD ’13D Jackie was back on campus after a week-long trip to Israel to investigate the country’s startup cultureMcCombs ’15 Jon shared advice on how to cope with the first semester of one’s MBA experience. Yale ’15 Sassafrass briefly touched on a number of topics after a considerable amount of time away, which included orientation, classes and career development. McCombs ’15 Eric completed his first round of mid-terms and stressed how valuable the core curriculum was to his learning experience. INSEAD ’13D Chevy figuratively climbed Mt. Everest. HBS ’15 2Y@HBS investigated what percentage of his class came from the consulting or investment banking industries.

LBS ’14 Maggie looked back at where she had been a year ago.

And that’s all they wrote for this week’s Fridays From the Frontlines. Clear Admit wishes all R1 applicants the best of luck in the next week and hopes to continue to hear from applicants and students alike. Until next week, have a great weekend!