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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From The Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly round up of the latest happenings in the b-school blogosphere. This week applicants continued to get news about how their R1 applications fared while current students were finishing up their studies and jetting off to far flung destinations for their winter breaks. 

TimBob questioned how he would be able to get married, decorate a house, and emigrate in only six months’ timePoetic Quant happily reported a Kellogg acceptance and generous scholarshipSarah felt that her work creating her Fulbright application really helped her tackle her Fuqua essaysDomotron turned his attentions to Booth after getting a zap from Wharton. ExpectingMBA thought about the actions she took and choices she made that may have helped her gain an acceptance at Stanford. MBATheNonprofitWay pondered adding a few more R2 schools to her docket, including UC Davis and Ross.

LBS ’15 Ugo completed his first term and recapped some of the best or most interesting parts of his experience. HBS ’15 Keima departed the cold climate of Boston in favor of a holiday in Peru. INSEAD ’14D Simon introduced himself to his classmates and dreamed big. Booth ’15 Pru bounced back from a hospitalization to finish her first semester and discussed her classes and recruiting experiences. INSEAD ’14D Ioannis expressed an appreciation for wanderlust and felt that INSEAD was not for the conventional.

McCombs ’14 Shelby attended her last class on Austin’s campus, as she would spend her final semester on an exchange in Switzerland.

And that’s all they wrote for this week’s Fridays From The Frontline. We hope that applicants continue to report their highs and lows from R1, and that students don’t go radio silent over their winter breaks. For those who celebrate Christmas, we wish you a merry one!


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