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Are You Keeping Up with the Competition? | Fridays from the Frontlines


It’s June. Summer’s here. Time to kick back and relax, right?

Well, maybe not if you’re applying to top MBA programs. Take a look at this spreadsheet:

It’s from applicant blogger “Grant Me Admission,” and we were so impressed by his initiative and planning that we thought we’d give him a little shout out and encouragement here at Clear Admit. This is what an applicant looks like who’s on top of his game.

Time management and project management are are skills you need in business, and they’ll help you with your application too.  Grant Me Admissions’ project map looks a lot like the calendars we help our applicants prepare every year.  If you’d like help putting together your own timeline, reach out to one of our counselors for a free consultation.

In addition to his gameplan, “Grant Me Admission” has posted a run-down of MBA resources (where he didn’t forget to mention Clear Admit!) and thought hard about his choice of schools.  How did this 20-something in corporate finance get to know so much about this stuff?  Well, it might be partly because, like many applicants (we estimate around 10%), he’s applied before.  As he wrote about in his first post, his lifelong dream of attending a top MBA program came to a sputtering stall last year, when he was waitlisted at Tuck for 5 months.

But every good business leader needs to be resilient, and Grant Me Admissions seems to have bounced back from defeat.  From the looks of things so far, we’d say he stands a good chance this year.  He might even find his spot at Tuck, which has long looked favorably on reapplicants, and offers denied students feedback on their applications. If you’ve recently been denied, be sure to check out our tips for dealing with a ding.

Will Grant Me Admissions get in?  More importantly, will he win next year’s Best of Blogger award.  Only one way to find out.  Follow us at Clear Admit.