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Columbia MBA Admissions Interview Report: Regular Decision / Alumnus / Off Campus

300px-Columbia_University_01We just received the following Columbia MBA admissions interview report from an applicant who is waiting on a decision from Columbia. Best of luck to them!

This site was extremely helpful when preparing for the CBS interview, so I wanted to make sure I gave back. I applied Round 3 and submitted my application on April 14. I received an email inviting me to interview on May 6. The AdCom gives you 5-6 people in your area for you to chose from. I contacted an individual and the interview was set up for 2 weeks from when I emailed my interviewer (Memorial Day weekend didn’t help for scheduling it any sooner).

I completely agree with what a lot of others have said, which is to prepare for a formal interview but expect an informal one. I met him in his office and the interview was held in a conference room. This sounds like it would be intimidating, but it really wasn’t. The interview was very casual and relaxed and lasted 45-50 minutes. Thanks to this site, I was prepared for every question, which were the following:

1) Why an MBA? If you don’t get in this year will you re-apply next year?
2) Why now? Why Round 3?
3) Why CBS?
4) Describe a time when you had to overcome adversity.

The adversity question threw me off a bit, just because I had read that it was more of a 2013 question. Nonetheless, I had thought of something off the top of my head earlier and was able to sound somewhat prepared in answering the question. This interviewer graduated in [the 90s], so he probably was not aware that they aren’t using that question anymore.

All in all I think it went really well! Even though he graduated in [the 90s], he was still able to list off the classes he enjoyed most and got the most out of. It was helpful that I had read through the course catalog online and found classes that interested me. It also helps to talk about specific clubs you are interested in. Fingers crossed!

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