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New GMAT Features Scheduled to Debut July 19th

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The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) will introduce new features for the GMAT entrance exam for applicants to business school. These three new features, which will go into effect on July 19th, are designed to help improve the GMAT exam experience. They come in response to GMAC surveys of GMAT exam takers’ experiences.

Here’s what you can expect with the new GMAT features:

Cancelled scores will no longer be shown on any future GMAT score reports generated by GMAC. Test takers can choose to cancel their scores if on test day they don’t feel they have done as well as they had hoped. Currently, when a test taker cancels scores, a “C” shows up on score reports that gets sent to business school admissions. The new feature will eliminate the “C” on the submitted scores, so that the test taker is the only one who knows that a score was cancelled.

GMAC decided to remove the cancelled score from the reports to help candidates gain more control and confidence in their experience. According to the GMAC survey results, “more than 3,000 students, 85 percent of respondents, indicated that they would like to see the ‘C’ removed from their score reports.”

Another new feature is that test takers will now have the option to retake the test within 16 days, instead of waiting 31 days as previously required. Despite this change, test takers will still only be able to take the test a total of five times within 12 months. Reducing the time test takers must wait to retake the test is designed to help improve scores on subsequent tests. GMAC explains that the shorter time period between tests is expected to better accommodate test takers’ schedules and study habits, help to define peak performance times and enable repeat test takers to meet more school deadlines.

In a final change to the GMAT exam, the authentication code used to access the Official Score Report online will now be the test taker’s date of birth. This shift is intended to make the process of checking scores and sending them to admissions offices more efficient.

Learn more about the GMAT features scheduled to debut later this week.