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Clear Admit LiveWire Lights Up with Wharton Interview Invitations

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Wharton interview invitations are rolling out as we speak—we’ve already received  more than three dozen reports via the Clear Admit LiveWire. It’s too early for analysis, but let’s just say that there are quite a few 700+ GMAT scorers reporting rejection.

Wharton interview invitationsHere’s what we know from past admissions cycles at Wharton. Historically, Wharton has typically interviewed roughly 40 percent of applicants to the MBA program, though this does vary depending on application volume. Selectivity has generally fallen between 14 percent and 19 percent in recent years, which suggests that you can assume a roughly one in three chance of admission if invited for an interview. Of course, these are all based on past application seasons, and Wharton could change things up at any point.

In the written interview invitation, Wharton has sometimes asked some applicants to improve their test scores and quantitative skills. If you receive such a request, we strongly recommend that you take the necessary steps, such as signing up for a course or registering to retake the GMAT, to address that feedback before your interview.

As Wharton hopefuls no doubt know, the school’s interview consists of a team-based discussion (TBD), followed by a brief one-on-one meeting with an admissions representative. Read more about the TBD and how to prepare here. You can also gain some insight on the TBD from our Admissions Director Q&A with Wharton’s Frank DeVecchis.

Wharton offers Round 1 interviewers the option of interviewing on campus in Philadelphia or in a range of major cities around the world. Off-campus interviews will take place this year in Beijing, Dubai, London, Mumbai, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo. “We encourage all invited candidates to interview in the location that is most convenient for you—whether in Philly or one of our off-campus locations,” reads the Wharton website.

To those of you who have already received an invitation to interview with Wharton, our hearty congratulations! The Clear Admit Wharton Interview Guide is a perfect resource to help you prepare. And don’t forget to make use of our Wharton Interview Archive, where applicants can share their interview experiences and learn from those of others.

To those still awaiting word—best of luck. Wharton’s official party line is that interview invitations could continue to trickle out until 5 p.m. (EDT) today. Don’t forget to share your news via Clear Admit’s LiveWire!