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Clear Admit Staff Picks: 15 Favorites from 2015

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We’ve had a blast covering news and developments in the MBA space over the past year. Below is a sampling of our 15 favorite stories in 2015, drawn from MBA programs all over the country and the world. Some made the list because they spotlighted MBAs making the world a better place. In others, business schools themselves were the change makers. And not be outdone, Clear Admit changed things up a little, too.

Thanks for making us laugh, for making us think and for opening our eyes to the many places an MBA can take you. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2016!

Clear Admit’s 15 Favorites from 2015

Favorite MBAs Who Served Their Country

Veterans at MIT Sloan on How Their Service Prepared Them for Business School

We are humbled by and grateful to Brian Kirk and Joseph McGovern for their service—and fascinated to learn how they believe it prepared them for the MBA.

Favorite Ripped-from-the-Headlines Story

FIFA Corruption Scandal Serves Up Ethics Course Material for MBA Students

Soccer takes center stage in business school ethics courses. Thanks, Sepp Blatter.

Favorite MBA Moms
Mothers at Booth Prove That Being a Mom, Getting an MBA Can Go Hand in Hand

Single moms Sofía Vargas and Natalie Wilson wowed us with their ability to juggle both the demands of the MBA and the demands of motherhood.

Favorite Shift on the Home Front
Clear Admit Becomes All Content All the Time, Announces Plans to Expand Media Property

We exited admissions consulting this spring to focus on becoming the premier digital media resource for prospective MBA applicants.

Favorite Top Tweets
Top #MBA Tweets of the Week: #BackToTheFuture

The MBA love shines through for Marty McFly.

Favorite MBA Students Living Their School’s Mission
Why Mission Matters at MIT Sloan School of Management

Sloanies Emily Melina and Ricky Ashenfelter help keep unused food from going to waste while classmate Elena Mendez-Escobar shines a spotlight on unconscious bias.

Favorite Fridays from the Frontline
Fridays from the Frontline: A Successful Round 1 Applicant Shares His Tips on Managing the Process

We stalked him on Reddit until he agreed to write for us—and we’re so glad he did! Preston Landers has lots of valuable insights to share with fellow applicants.

Favorite MBA Reshaping a School’s Culture
Star Sternie Recognized for Helping Promote Inclusion and Diversity within NYU’s MBA Class 

Rachel Hurnyak helps take what it means to be an ally to a whole new level at Stern.

Favorite Admissions Director Q&A
Fuqua Admissions Dean Dishes on Essays and Life

We always love talking to admissions directors, but Fuqua’s Liz Riley Hargrove wins the prize for making time for an interview while on vacation.

Favorite MBA Student Commencement Speaker
Wharton Commencement Speaker to Share How the MBA Could Save His Life

David Fajgenbaum is using his MBA to battle deadly diseases.

Favorite Career-Focused Piece
Choosing the Best Business School for Consulting

There’s much more than rankings to think about when choosing the right school for your intended career path.

Favorite New Resource for Applicants
Plan Ahead: MBA Recommendation Questions Gathered in One Place

We just made life a whole lot easier for you and your recommenders.

Favorite Initiative to Increase Female MBA Enrollment
A PEEK Is All It Takes: HBS’s Innovative Initiative to Woo Women

Don’t miss formidable HBS gatekeeper Dee Leopold taking a turn as dorm mother.

Favorite Business School Philanthropic Initiative
Haas School Partners with Philanthropy University to Offer Free “Mini MBA” for Social Impact Leaders

This first-of-its-kind learning platform features dynamic online classes taught by renowned professors and social impact practitioners from around the world—and it’s free to participants.