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London Business School Interview Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

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The following London Business School interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant. Good luck to them!

I interviewed at the office of an LBS alumnus. The interview was not blind, and the alumnus had a solid understanding of my professional and personal background. LBS structures interviews in 3 stages: (i) questions about the applicant’s background, (ii) a 5-minute case presentation, and (iii) general discussion about the alumnus’ LBS experience.

I was first asked to provide an overview of my professional and personal background. From there, our conversation turned to my interest in an MBA, and then my specific interest in LBS. The alumnus was very probing of my specific interest in LBS and studying in the city of London, and even challenged me by asking why I wasn’t more interested in U.S. schools. We also had a detailed back and forth about my career goals, where the interviewer again probed the soundness of my career goals. I was impressed with how the interviewer courteously yet firmly challenged me, and the interviewer asked nuanced, esoteric questions about my industry and background.

For my case presentation, I was asked to opine on the impact of declining Brent prices on individuals, companies and the global economy, and also opine on what might cause a recovery in Brent prices.

Finally, we had an informal conversation about the alumnus’ experiences before, during and after LBS. I was really grateful for this conversation, because the things that had the greatest impact on the interviewer (multinational diversity, classmates with more work experience than U.S. schools, and a launchpad for internationally mobile careers) are also the things that really draw me to study at LBS!

In addition to LBS, I’ve also interviewed with a HSW and another M7 school. I can honestly say that the LBS interview was the most rigorous and challenging (not to mention the longest, at almost 2 hours), and I left the interview even more excited at the idea of joining LBS.

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