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London Business School Interview Report: Round 2 / Alumnus / Off-campus

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The following London Business School interview report was submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 2 applicant. Good luck to them!

I applied in Round 2 and was notified by the AdCom on February 3rd (the day the AdCom said they would notify people) that I had been invited to interview. A regional representative followed up ~1.5 weeks later with the contact details of an LBS alumnus and instructed to set up an interview before a specific date.

The interview took place at the office of the alumnus (in my home city). The interviewer was very cordial and we made small talk on the way to a small conference room, where the interview was conducted. The interviewer laid out how the interview would proceed and told me they would take notes throughout. Overall the interview was very conversational and seemed to flow naturally.

The interviewer received my résumé in advance but (from my understanding) they had not seen my application in its entirety. The interviewer had some questions from the admissions committee, as well as some questions on my résumé. The interview ended with a short case study, where I had 5 minutes to prepare a ‘presentation’ response to a couple questions on the state of the energy / oil industry. All in all the interview lasted just over an hour.

The questions were fairly standard: why LBS, why do you want to change careers, what gaps do you feel you need to address to get there (and how will LBS help), what are some major trends in that field which interest you.

As mentioned before they also asked some résumé-specific questions pertaining to my extracurricular endeavors.

I recently received a waitlist decision from LBS along with several dates when my application will be reviewed and a decision (potentially) delivered. Overall the LBS AdCom have been very transparent and timely which has only improved my view of LBS as a whole.

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