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Calling All Recent Admits: Share Your Journey on Clear Admit’s MBA DecisionWire

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The volume on LiveWire these past several weeks has been incredible as Round 1 candidates share the news they’ve received from their target schools. We’d like to offer hearty congratulations to all who gained admission to their top choices. We’d also like to remind our LiveWire devotees of a sister tool here on the Clear Admit site, MBA DecisionWire. This feature was designed to let MBA applicants, students and alumni share more information with their peers—specifically about where they decide to attend business school based on where they applied and were accepted.

DecisionWire provides profile and school selection information updates in real time from your peers as they make the all-important decision of where to actually pursue their MBA. Users can filter others’ submissions by the schools applied to, admitted to and enrolled at, as well as by application year.

Of the people who got into both Harvard and Stanford in Round 1, where are most ultimately planning to go? How does that compare to previous years? When deciding between Columbia, NYU Stern and Chicago Booth for investment banking, who chooses which school? How many schools did other applicants apply to? Of those, how many did they gain admission to? These are but a few of the data points DecisionWire helps you extract.

DecisionWire also invites those who submit to share their GPA and GMAT scores, as well as their intended post-MBA career. A notes section lets people reveal any factors that may have influenced their final decision, such as financial aid, size of student body, location or a given school’s track record for placing graduates in a chosen industry. In essence, each entry will tell an individual’s story—from starting the application process to setting foot on campus.

Though many who applied in Round 1 are no doubt still deliberating about where you’ll head in the fall, a number of you have already submitted to DecisionWire this application season, revealing a range of interesting details.

DecisionWire Submissions from Recent MBA Admits

Take, for example, the U.S. applicant with a 780 GMAT score and 4.0 GPA who plans to pursue a career in technology post-MBA. Despite rejections from two of the four schools applied to, the outcome was a happy one, if a bit head scratching for the applicant. “Still don’t understand the MIT rejection, considering the amazing $ I got from Booth and that I got interviews everywhere, but as Chicago was my top choice all along (as others, would have considered HBS for reputation) this is the best scenario,” wrote the applicant. Congratulations and enjoy Booth!

Another applicant, who targeted Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management and Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, excitedly reported plans to head to Vanderbilt after getting waitlisted at Georgetown. “I was waitlisted at Georgetown, most likely due to my low GMAT [630], but I was leaning Vanderbilt before finding out the news. Anchor down!” Kudos to you from those of us here—Nashville awaits!

Persistence paid off for a third applicant who submitted to DecisionWire just this morning. This candidate is headed to Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business after being rejected from the waitlist last there last year. “After engaging with admissions and the community during the waitlist time, Tuck became the only school I could ever see myself at,” the candidate writes. And so he or she reapplied and got in.

We’ve loved seeing the community grow on LiveWire as you all anxiously awaited word from schools. Now—as the schools anxiously await word from you—we offer you another online community resource to share your decision-making journey. We hope you’ll enjoy using DecisionWire as much as LiveWire. Of course, it stands to grow even more interesting and valuable as more submissions roll in. Plus, it’s completely anonymous and only takes a minute to complete.

A Frequently Asked Questions page provides additional information about the tool, but if you have any additional questions or feedback, please contact [email protected].