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London Business School Interview Questions & Report: Round 1 / Alumnus / Off-Campus

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The following LBS interview questions and report were submitted to Clear Admit by a Round 1 applicant who was admitted. Congratulations to them!

I am a Latin America applicant living in and working in Europe (not-UK) for one of the biggest industrial companies of the world. I am an engineer actually doing field engineering work. I was interviewed by an MBB consultant who had a similar pre-MBA background as mine.

There were not typical behavior questions. It was more a career discussion, actually I felt like my interviewer was really interested in what I want to do and to asses if an MBA and LBS are really the answer. At the beginning he explained me that LBS requires that the whole interview be conducted in English, so it will be like that (already heard of LBS interviews conducted in local language by Alumni).

So the interview questions:

1) He introduced himself and asked me to do the same “walk me through your résumé.”
2) Please tell me a little bit about your business
3) Please tell me more about your role
4) Why do you want to do an MBA? What are your goals? Where are you applying?
5) Is your company sponsoring you?
6) Do you think that your company is the better place to reach your goals? Why?
7) Tell me more about the branch of your company you want to join after your MBA (I am a career changer inside my company)
8) What kind of position do you think you can hold after the MBA and 5 years after the MBA
9) It seems pretty much to a start-up setting. Wouldn’t be better to join an star-up before changing brands of your company? I said here that I was thinking about doing 2 internships, a LBS singularity, to test a tech startup.
10) So, do you see yourself working in the energy sector at the new branch of your company? (was working in energy already

Impromptu presentation about ethics and investments.

After that he told me that the formal part of the interview was finished and asked me for questions.
We talk about flexible curriculum, the electives, the professors, his learning team experience, where did he lived, his GBE, his participation in clubs and his transfer from industry to MBB considering that his original company was supporting him.

He told me that he will send the feedback during the weekend and asked me to tell him about the final outcome.

It was a nice experience, I was lucky to have this guy as interviewer, he understood my background, my business and my choices (I cannot say the same from another ad-com conducted interviews that I have experienced).

I was notified on November 23rd that I have a place in the MBA class of 2019, offer that I am accepting!

If you are reading this because you were invited to interview, good luck!

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