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Round 2 Interviews Complete, HBS Gears Up for Round 3

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Harvard Business School (HBS) Managing Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Chad Losee took to his Direct from the Director’s Blog this week to look ahead to Round 3.

For any anxious Round 2 applicants out there—don’t worry, you didn’t miss any important announcements! Losee simply shared that his team wrapped up Round 2 interviews last week and loved having the chance to get to know you in person—or at least via Skype. “We are in the midst of the (tough) final decisions and will be back in touch soon—March 22nd at noon Eastern Time via the online application system,” he wrote. But you probably already knew that…

On to Round 3
So, the rest of this post is for Round 3 applicants. For starters, a quick reminder that the Round 3 deadline is April 3rd.

Two types of applicants should apply in Round 3—2+2 deferred admissions applicants as well as applicants gunning for the Class of 2019. Yes, you read that right. Losee is strongly encouraging Round 3 applicants to apply. “For those of you who want to be at HBS in the Fall of 2017, we’d love for you to apply!” he wrote. “Yes, it’s true that many seats are filled in Rounds 1 and 2, but there are also fewer applicants in Round 3,” he said, adding that HBS always admits some great candidates in its final round.

But are R3 applicants still eligible for financial aid? “Absolutely! The same generous need-based financial aid is available to all admits,” he wrote. International students, though, should keep in mind that a Round 3 admission gives less time for visa processing.

Losee was just as enthusiastic in encouraging college seniors thinking about HBS’s deferred admission 2+2 Program to also apply. The program is small and competitive, Losee warned, but even if you aren’t admitted on your first try, you can always get a few years of work experience and apply again. “There is (absolutely) no stigma attached to this, and many have been admitted to HBS through this path,” he continued.

Those who are admitted through 2+2 will have a seat reserved for them at HBS, which they can fill after completing a couple of years of work experience. “Also, remember there is a reduced application fee for 2+2 applications,” Losee noted. (There is a nonrefundable $100 application fee for the 2+2 program, as compared to the $250 application fee for traditional applicants.)

In closing, Losee reminded readers that HBS will feature two upcoming Admissions Q&A webinars—one on March 20th and a second on March 27th—to answer any last-minute questions.

Best of luck to anyone waiting to hear from HBS in Round 2 or gearing up to submit an application on April 3rd!