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MBA ApplyWire Spotlight: A Wide Net

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As new MBA applicants try to figure out their admissions chances and strategies, many are posting to Clear Admit’s ApplyWire, a platform for feedback from our community of top-tier applicants to help inform your final choice of schools and approach to admissions.

In this edition of MBA ApplyWire Spotlight, we take a closer look at a “non-traditional” applicant who is hoping to move from a career trajectory in politics towards business. And in preparation for the move, the applicant appears to be casting a wide net.

With a high GPA and GRE score, the applicant may have enough credentials to get into a relatively high-ranked business school. However, their GMAT score may be a bit below their top-tier targets, explains Clear Admit’s resident expert, Alex Brown.

Brown briefly touches on one of the more peculiar elements of the applicant’s ambition, specifically regarding their attempt to “match up with a significant other’s geography.” Considering two of their targets were in Washington state and Massachusetts, the distinction seems to be a bit puzzling. Refining their school targets and concentrated effort in their new career focus, however, may allow them to find what suits them best.

The original poster followed:

Sticking with OP’s concern about what classes would be best for their career move, Brown responds:

Best of luck with your applications!

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Matthew Korman
Matthew Korman is a contributing author and editor for Clear Admit. Since graduating from Rowan University with a degree in journalism and political science, Matthew has worked with numerous academic institutions, in addition to roles as a music industry writer, promoter, and data analyst. His works have appeared in publications such as NPR and Sports Illustrated.