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Real Humans of Northwestern Kellogg’s MBA Class of 2021

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Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management students praise the diverse, friendly, and supportive on-campus atmosphere.  The overall Class of 2021 demographics further support this culture.  Of the 474 full-time MBA students in the most recent class, U.S. minorities account for 26 percent of the student body while international students represent 32 percent of the group. Twenty-nine percent of the Class of 2021 majored in STEM subjects for their undergraduate degrees, 49 percent in economics/business, and 24 percent in humanities subjects. GMAT scores ranged between 620 and 780, with the average landing at 730.

While Kellogg has seen a year-over-year increase in female applicants, the Class of 2021 reached 43 percent female students (just shy of the 46 percent record last year). Women-specific offering include the Full-Time Women’s Business Associates, Evening & Weekend Women’s Business Association, the Full-time Women’s Leadership Program, and EMBA Women Leadership Workshop.  Kellogg also has a partnership with the Forté Foundation, a nonprofit group empowering women in business. Kellogg’s Center for Executive Women, launched in 2001, assists senior-level women advance to top executive and board positions.

Kellogg also upholds a global approach to management education with a network of 25 exchange programs located in 20 countries. In courses such as the Global Initiative in Management (GIM), student take a 10-week course in Evanston to learn about the business climate in a certain country, and at the end, they travel to that country together for 10 days to work on an independent research project. One GIM class, “Branding the Nation,” visited the capital of Brazil where they had the opportunity to speak with Brazil’s Minister of Justice, Sergio Moro. Another class had an amazing trip to China, meeting with Kellogg alumna Joey Wat, the CEO of Yum! China, which has a portfolio of brands including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell.  This international flare carries over to post-graduation life, as Kellogg graduates have access to an impressive alumni network of over 60,000 alumni across more than 120 countries. The support no doubt contributed to the ninety-five percent job placement rate of Kellogg’s Class of 2018 within 90 days of graduation.

Clear Admit was fortunate to connect with six first-year students to learn more about why they were drawn to Kellogg.

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