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Real Humans of Texas McCombs’ MBA Class of 2021

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We are excited to bring you another edition of Real Humans: MBA students in which we introduce some of the newest members of the Texas MBA Class of 2021.  The West End of Austin, Texas, earned its nickname the “Silicon Hills” during the US dot com boom of the 1990s and has since grown to house some of the country’s largest and fastest-growing names in the tech sector. University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business has been both a contributor to and beneficiary of the city’s economic evolution, boasting several stand-out programs and events attached to the institution.

The 260 members of the Texas McCombs Class of 2021 entered with an average of 6 years of relevant experience and an average age of 29. Forty percent of the new students are women and 20 percent are international.  Forty-one percent hail from Texas, while 39 percent are from other areas of the U.S.  During their undergraduate years, the new class earned average GPA of 3.42 and the range landed between 3.0 and 3.8.  On the GMAT, the middle 80 percent scored between 650 and 740 with their average clocking in at 704.  For those who took the GRE, they averaged 159 in both the Verbal and Quant sections.

Fourteen percent of the fresh candidates came from a professional background in finance.  Energy and government/non-profit sourced 10 percent each of the latest class.  Meanwhile, 20 percent split evenly across technology and consulting for their pre-MBA work experience.  The remainder of the class brought with them a range of roles in various industries, including manufacturing, media, consumer goods, law, healthcare, real estate and more.

Read on for personal stories from this diverse cohort of business leaders in the Class of 2021 at Texas McCombs.

Jonathan Pfeffer
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