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INSEAD Interview Questions & Report: Round 3 / Two Alumni / Online

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, the interviews were conducted via messenger although both of the interviewers are in Hong Kong. Overall, the experience is quite friendly and smooth, and most questions are expected, including why MBA/Why now/Why INSEAD. One of the interviewers went deeper to understand the business model of my startup. At the end, I had time to ask some specific questions about the school and their experience.

First interview (60mins)

  • Can you start by telling me about yourself?
  • Why INSEAD?
  • Why now?
  • How did you start your startup journey?
  • What challenges have you encountered?
  • Did you apply to other schools and why?
  • Which campus did you plan to go and why?
  • What would happen to your business when you go to INSEAD and start in management consulting?

Second Interview (75mins)

  • Can you explain what you are doing?
  • Why did you want to do what you are doing?
  • What are some of your challenges now?
  • What are some of the challenges in your industry?
  • Went into details, specifically if given capital, would you still have those challenges?
  • How did MBA fit in?
  • Why INSEAD, did you apply to other schools?
  • What’s your short-term goal?
  • Would you continue to work on your startup?
  • Proudest achievement in your life?
  • Example of culture shock?
  • How was your undergrad experience?

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