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MBA DecisionWire: Lending Applicants a Virtual Hand During the COVID-19 Crisis

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COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe, and MBA admissions has not been immune to the impact of social distancing measures; admitted student events, campus visits, and school travel have been cancelled or taken virtual for the time being.

For those who have recently received admissions decisions from MBA programs, it’s now time to make some decisions:

Traditionally you would have done this by visiting programs for admitted student events, or attended regional events – such as school-sponsored alumni and admit gatherings – in your home country. These events are designed to bring you closer to the MBA communities at the programs you are considering attending. They also enable serious one-on-one conversations, not only with school representatives, but with fellow candidates too.

Sadly, in-person admitted student events are not available this season. Business schools are adjusting to this new reality by hosting online events, but these events provide less opportunity for deeper conversations with fellow candidates – many of whom may be considering some of the same options.

This is where we think Clear Admit’s social tool – MBA DecisionWire – can help. There are two things you can do on DecisionWire that will help you get more feedback on your choices for your MBA options:

  1. Post Your Entry: Let the community provide feedback

When you share your MBA admissions journey and outcomes, our community will provide feedback on your choices. You will get responses from admissions experts on the Clear Admit team as well as input from candidates who are dealing with the same decisions as you.  In many instances, those who respond will share the key steps they have taken to research and explore their options. It’s important to remember that making a choice between two programs is not going to yield the same outcome for everyone, but the nuances get addressed in the conversations.

  1. Search DecisionWire for entries similar to yours

You can filter DecisionWire to only display entries from fellow applicants facing the same choices as you. This is particularly useful if you are debating between Harvard and Stanford, or Fuqua and Ross, or Wharton and Sloan, or Stern, Tuck and Cornell. Viewing posts from candidates who had the same choices (and carefully reading the ensuing conversations that were generated) can offer valuable insights as you seek to narrow your options and choose a business school.

While we are well aware that many of you are sad to be missing admitted student events and alumni mixers that are typically a hallmark of this time of year, it is our hope that DecisionWire can provide you with a forum to gather as admitted students and engage in helpful discussion about your options.  We truly hope you stay safe during this current crisis, and we wish you all the best as you consider your options for the future.

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