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Good Luck Abounds on MBA DecisionWire!

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In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we wanted to take a moment today to celebrate the good luck that our community members have shared on MBA DecisionWire this season.

For the uninitiated, MBA DecisionWire is a social tool that allows posters to share their admissions results (complete with scholarship offers), and get feedback from the Clear Admit community as they decide where to enroll.

Here are some stats about DecisionWire posters starting an MBA in Fall 2021:

  • The median number of acceptances is 3 (average 2.75) 😎
  • 29% reported acceptances to four or more schools 👀
  • 77% reported at least one scholarship award 💰
  • Totaling users’ awards from all schools, more than half of DW posters reported $100,000+ in scholarship offers 🤑

Making Tough Choices

While having multiple acceptances is a “good problem” to have, it still creates hard decisions. On this week’s podcast episode, we covered one of the most elusive decisions of all – choosing among the Harvard/Stanford/Wharton trifecta.

If you have offers in hand and aren’t sure where to enroll, you’re in good company. So far this year, 57% of DecisionWire entries have been marked “Undecided.”

We really enjoy seeing our community members support each other in making these important decisions. The post below is a great example of the kind of productive discussions that happen on DecisionWire:

Sharing Great Outcomes

We also love celebrating final school choices with you! For example, we were thrilled to see this entry from a R1 applicant who our community encouraged to reach even higher in R2 – with great results.

And of course, we need to feature this Kellogg-bound DW entry. This poster (currently) holds the 2020-2021 record with a whopping eight acceptances! See the comments for some great insight into how they arrived at their final choice:

Congrats to everyone who’s shared their results on DecisionWire so far this year! And best of luck to our R2 friends who are still waiting for their final notifications!

Once you have all your offers in hand, we hope that you’ll share your good fortune with the community. 😉

Alex Kelly
Alex is Clear Admit’s Director of Content & User Research. She has been working in the MBA admissions space for more than 15 years in research, consulting, and writing roles. She holds an M.S.Ed. from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Utah.