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Real Humans of the Michigan Ross MBA Class of 2022

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In this edition of Real Humans: MBA Students, we’ll get to know a representative mix of new “Rossers” and why they chose Michigan Ross for their MBAs.

The Ross MBA Class of 2022 is comprised of 358 students, of which 43 percent are women and 18 percent are international. Thirty-six percent identify as U.S. students of color. During their undergraduate years, 42 percent of the new class had majored in business. Thirty-five percent had pursued STEM studies and just shy of a quarter earned degrees in the humanities. The average GPA for the Ross Class was 3.5.  When it came time to take the GMAT, they averaged a score of 710 with the middle 80 percent scoring between 660 and 750. For those who took the GRE instead, the middle 80 percent scores ranged from 153 to 167 in both the Verbal and Quant sections.

In terms of pre-MBA work experience, the new group averaged 5.3 years of it. Consulting was the most popular industry, claiming 22 percent of new students. Thirteen percent had worked in finance and 10 percent in tech before matriculating at Ross. Nine percent came from a healthcare background, and seven percent each had experience in non-profit/education/government or the military. The rest of the class had backgrounds in consumer goods, retail, transportation and other fields.

As the admissions committee at Michigan Ross evaluate applicants to their full-time MBA program, they consider many criteria—one of which is the ability to be a positive and contributing member of the Ross community. The new MBA students on the following pages certainly have a lot to give. Read on for their stories, what they learned through the application process and how they contribute to the Ross culture.

Christina Griffith
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