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Kellogg School Offers Rejected Applicants Kinder, Gentler Rejection

Evanston, IL – It’s no small secret that applying to leading MBA programs is a stressful process.

While some programs take a ‘rip the band-aid off’ approach by delivering admissions decisions en masse, others slowly trickle out interview invitations or calls of congratulations, as applicants painfully sit by and wait.

Looking to ease the stress and lessen the sting of rejection, the Kellogg School of Management has taken a rather unorthodox approach to delivering admissions decisions. First, the school has promised a participation trophy for each applicant, to be home-delivered by a veritable army of Kellogg alumni. Moreover, the school will deliver negative results in the presence of specially trained alumni, who will comfort the applicant and provide a shoulder to cry on.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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