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Real Humans of the MIT Sloan MBA Class of 2024

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Welcome to another edition of Real Humans: MBA Students in which we get to know some new business school students and their journeys through admissions. This time, candidates of the MIT Sloan Class of 2024 share their stories and advice.

A total of 408 students joined the MIT Sloan Class of 2024. Women constituted 46 percent of incoming students. Forty percent of students in the class are international and 63 countries are represented. The new class’s median GMAT score landed at 730, and the middle 80 percent range of results spanned from 690 to 760. For those who took the GRE, the middle 80 percent scores came in at 158-169 Quant and 157-168 Verbal. Prior professional experience for members of the Class of 2024 averaged five years per student. Pre-MBA, 23 percent of the class had worked in consulting and the same came from financial services. Fourteen percent each hailed from the tech industry or government/non-profit/education sectors. Six percent came from pharmaceutical, healthcare, or biotechnology.

With respect to students’ undergraduate degrees, 29 percent of enrolled first-year MIT Sloan students pursued the field of engineering. Twenty-three percent of students arrived in Cambridge with academic degrees in business. Seventeen percent of first-year students majored in economics. Fifteen percent of students pursued degrees in math and science, and another 10 percent in social science. Their median GPA was 3.63.

Read on for five candidates’ stories about their treks to b-school, what drew them to MIT Sloan, advice for new applicants and more.

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