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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From The Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly blog feature that peeks into the world of the b-school applicant and student. This week applicants were sharing their thoughts on how to determine a school list or blog handle while many students provided photographic evidence of international journeys.

explained how he expanded and then pared down his list of schools from an initial four to a high of twelve before settling on a list of six. Sassafrass, safely accepted, turned his attentions to the topic of marriage equality in the U.S. Poetic Quant introduced himself and explained the origins of his choice of name as well as his b-school aspirations. After a significant absence Pyrapopat checked in to explain that after receiving a Kellogg acceptance he also was given the opportunity to grow at work … but after having spent another year in the workforce he revealed his intention to attend  Kellogg next fall.

Manchester’ 14 Alun happily reported that he was part of a team that won first place in Kenan-Flagler’s annual Sustainable Venture Capital Investment Competition. Chicago Booth ’14 Cheetarah reported on the fun and somber moments of her recent trek to Africa with 30 classmates, which included meeting with the VP of Ghana. LBS ’14 Samta described her first term at the school as hectic, but shared some of her most memorable moments like winning a case competition and a trip to Ireland. Anderson ’14 Kyle wrapped up his experience thus far at Anderson by elucidating his thoughts on his academic progress while also sharing photos from a Anderson organized spring trip to Japan. McCombs ’14 Dan supplied a bit of humor into his recent post with suggestions on how to be a better student, which included tips on ways to avoid having to speak in class.

Ross ’13 Judy captured a fun moment from her MAP experience working on a marketing campaign for New Balance. INSEAD ’13 Pei described her experiences during her Abu Dhabi module, which involved camel polo. Pei wasn’t the only b-school student encountering camels during a school-related trip; Ross ’13 Eric ran into quite a few camels during his MAP project in Saudi Arabia.

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Fridays From the Frontline. We hope that spring is beginning to show itself to those in the U.S. and that those in the southern hemisphere are enjoying their last days of summer before the seasons change. Until next week, have a wonderful weekend!


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