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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From The Frontline, Clear Admit’s weekly roundup of business school bloggers. This week, while the blogosphere buzzed with excitement regarding our announcement of the 2012-2013 Best of Blogging nominees, we checked in on bloggers who are preparing to begin their business school careers in the Class of 2015 and gleaned inside perspectives from current students.

HammO chronicled what it took to withstand a 15 month war of attrition with the GMATSassafras reflected on leaving San Francisco and savors being free of the anxiety of the application process. PPandey discussed a new project management tool he created in MS Excel after getting fed up with Microsoft Project, the industry standard project management software. MBAover30 reminds readers to vote for this season’s BoB nominees. 

INSEAD ’13 Stephanie recounted her sojourn to Lagos, Nigeria, noting that one of her favorite things about the school is the myriad travel opportunities it offers, while her classmate Guillaume reflected on the importance of cultural diversity as a component of leadership training. LBS ’13 James discussed the true efficacy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts and eagerly awaited the upcoming LBS Global Leadership Summit. Tepper ’13 Julianne deserves a nod for posting her 100th blog post and gives her advice about what courses MBA students should take.

Booth ’14 Cheetarah returned home from her Booth Follies performance to find that she had been included in this year’s Best of Blogging nominees. Congrats to her and all the other fantastic writers who made the list! McCombs ’14 Debjani expressed thanks to her past self for clicking the “submit” button on her application almost exactly one year ago. Finally, Anderson ’15 Dwight traveled with some of his peers on a field study trip to the 10th Annual Zell Center Chicago Microfinance Conference in Chicago.

That’s it for this edition of Fridays From the Frontline, but remember to cast your digital ballot for your favorite b-school blogger—voting ends next Friday, May 24th! Feel free to tweet your vote to us at @clearadmit, with the hashtag #ClearAdmitBoB. Have a great weekend!

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