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Fridays From The Frontline

Hello and welcome to Fridays From the Frontlines, Clear Admit’s weekly perusal of all the goings-on in the b-school blogosphere. This week many second year students were either recounting their graduation stories or reflecting on their overall experiences as their respective commencement days beckoned. Applicants and first year students were also voluble, visiting campuses and preparing for summer internships.

Sassafrass saw his last month of work winding down and expressed optimism for the way his MBA education could help him make a difference in the future. The Poetic Quant visited the Kellogg campus, which included a tour, information session, “brilliant” class visit and lunchPru discussed the decision making process she went through when determining whether to attend Emory or Chicago Booth. HammO turned his attentions to drafting goals essays, though he knew that additional fine tuning would be in order once more schools updated their 2013-2014 essay questions.

INSEAD ’13 Mike shared a number of the  sure-fire signs that one was trapped in the “Singy Bubble.” IIMA ’14 A. recounted the basic structure his first month in Ahmedabad has taken thus far. Manchester ’14 Alun participated in the annual MBA Tournament (MBAT) at HEC Paris, which included numerous sporting events like dodgeball and cricket. LBS ’14 Diane spent a “fantastic” day on campus studying in a cramped room with five classmates, which was followed by a late but enjoyable dinner with previous study group members. INSEAD ’13 Mira completed her studies in Singapore and, along with 100 peers, traveled across continents to arrive at the Fontainebleu campus for the next period of her INSEAD experience. Anderson ’14 Dwight could hardly believe his first year was coming to a close, looked forward to his summer internship, and provided helpful advice to the class of 2015. LBS ’14 Samta described term two of the program, which she referred to as ” the recruitment term.” Oxford ’14 Sue also joined in the MBAT fun in France.

Tepper ’13 Julianne wasn’t one for the pomp and circumstance of graduation and found the two hour running time and lack of commencement speaker to her liking. McCombs ’13 Erin also found her time on campus coming to a close and shared some of her favorite memories from her two years in Austin.

And that’s the news for this week’s installment of Fridays From The Frontline. Voting for this year’s Best of Blogging Competition concluded today, but be sure to check in with our site next week when the winner and runners up are announced! Until then, have a wonderful weekend!


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