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MBA Admissions Mashup: Why MBA?

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Every Wednesday, we share a round-up of the latest news from admissions blogs at the top business schools. This week’s MBA Admissions Mashup takes a look at the fundamental question: Why MBA? Why devote two years (or one year) of your life to attend business school? Student guest writers took to the blogosphere to explain their decision to pursue an MBA. We also have some advice on whether or not to hire an admissions consultant (and where to find one), as well as a very excited Wharton admissions committee.

So, why MBA? You’ll hear this question posed in essay prompts, in interviews, and perhaps even from your parents. It’s a valid question and student and alumni bloggers are here to the rescue. First up, HBS student blogger Jon Malankar outlines the many different reasons Harvard Business School was worth the investment. “Perhaps the most valuable thing HBS offered was tuning my social awareness. Classes on leadership and accountability force students to have conversations about ethical dilemmas we will likely face during our careers. HBS has done an admirable job seamlessly integrating this kind of content into the curriculum. I’m a firm believer that sessions like this today will pay great dividends in the future as my classmates and I navigate this growingly complex world. Having these kinds of discussions in the safety of a classroom seems much more effective than learning on the job.”

NYU / Stern MBA Alex Richards notes that “more importantly, I can now see the world in a whole new light, and think in a way that would have never been possible without my Stern experience.”

Meanwhile, at UT Austin / McCombs, alumni guest blogger Daniel Galvan Duque wrote that he “loved the fact that there were a lot of smart people in the classes and that the weaknesses of some were the strengths of others and vice-versa. I was able to understand how important it is to work with the right people. You really do not need to know everything, you just need to make sure you are in a group of people that complement each other and the results can be amazing.”

Fully aware that MBA candidates use admissions consultants, the Dartmouth / Tuck admissions committee posted some advice on admissions consultants on their Tuck 360 blog: “If you use a consultant, it is important that the entire application is your ideas and your work, except the recommendation letters, of course, which should definitely NOT be yours. Be sure that your application reflects who you are.” As you can see they’re not forbidding it! Just choose wisely. In fact, they suggest you head over to AIGAC’s website. “A good resource can be the Association of International Graduate Admissions Consultants. This professional association is relatively new and is dedicated to promoting ethical practices in and better understanding of the graduate admissions consulting industry. Members agree to adhere to a set of principles to guide their consulting practices. [The] principles can give you a set of important considerations as you evaluate your options.”

At UPenn / Wharton, you can almost feel the excitement and anticipation about next week’s big interview invitation release! The adcom is reminiscing about how December’s R1 notifications went. In fact, there’s a video that showcases this excitement. “As you can see, we’re just as excited to make these calls as the candidates who receive them.” On February 9, remember to head over to MBA Livewire once you get your interview decision.

That’s all for this week! Good luck to everyone anticipating admissions decisions. Join us next week for the latest edition of MBA Admissions Mashup.