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MBA ApplyWire Spotlight: Is My GMAT Good Enough?

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As the 2018-2019 admissions deadlines approach, many MBA hopefuls are posting to Clear Admit’s ApplyWire, a platform for feedback from our community of top-tier applicants to help inform your final choice of schools and approach to admissions.

In this edition of MBA ApplyWire Spotlight, we take a closer look at a couple of posts dealing with the GMAT.  Our first entry is from an applicant considering Dartmouth / TuckDuke / FuquaNorthwestern / KelloggU. Chicago Booth, and UVA / Darden—and also retaking the GMAT:

Our resident expert, Alex Brown, kicked off the conversation:

The original poster then returned:

Alex affirmed that 730 is solid:

The conversation turned to career goals and the importance of the GMAT again:

Alex then wrapped up the conversation:

Our next candidate is targeting CMU / TepperCornell / JohnsonDartmouth / TuckDuke / FuquaMichigan / RossUCLA AndersonUSC / MarshallUT Austin / McCombs for an MBA:

Community feedback honed in on the GMAT, among other factors:

Best of luck with your applications!

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Lauren Wakal
Lauren Wakal has been covering the MBA admissions space for more than a decade, from in-depth business school profiles to weekly breaking news and more.